Thursday, 1 October 2009

I know #2

How to flirt with Italian waiters
Moka pots make delicious coffee
Crisps taste better after eating chocolate
Kirkby is twinned with Albania
More cross-Channel swimmers have come from Albania than any other country
I have no desire to ever swim The English Channel
French perfumes use cat pee as an ingredient
All cats are secretly plotting to eat their owners
How to be a good friend
I am rubbish at emnity
I cannot spell enmity correctly first time round
A Small Boy in Bolton thinks the violin is completely bob
That life is too short not to be silly
The difference between fiction and fact
That in 1872 a Miss Edna Gussett invented the Elasticated Haversack


  1. Crisps and chocolate! Sure you're not from Glasgow?

    Kirby? Would that be Kirkby or West Kirby?


  2. Erm, I've, er, written it how the residents pronounce it.

    Yes - and it was very, very deliberate.