Thursday, 25 August 2011

Overheard Conversations #26

Location: hairdressing salon
Characters: Lisa - mid-twenties, brandishing a hairdryer. Amy - seventeen, brandishing her pocket money.

Lisa: I love doing your hair. Look how shiny it is now.
Amy: Oh, er, thanks.
Lisa: I was in a right mood before. Half an hour with your head and I'm all relaxed again.
Amy: Er -
Lisa: Did I tell you I moved in with my boyfriend last week?
Amy: No.
Lisa: But I'm moving out tonight.
Amy: Why?
Lisa: He bloody made me a packed lunch this morning, didn't he?
Amy: Aww -
Lisa: He shouted down the stairs 'There's a packed lunch for you in the fridge'.
Amy:  He's -
Lisa: 'Cheese and ham' he shouted.
Amy: Don't you like -
Lisa: And then at lunch time he sent me a text, didn't he?
Amy: A text?
Lisa: Yes, it said 'Look inside the sandwich'.
Amy: Was it a ring?
Lisa: A ring?
Amy: An engagement ring?
Lisa: No. (BEAT.) I peeled back the bread and there's this message on the ham.
Amy: Message?
Lisa: He'd cut the cheese into letters.
Amy: Letters?
Lisa: He'd written I love you inside my sandwich.
Amy: Awww ...
Lisa: In cheese.
Amy: But -
Lisa: I love you in bloody cheddar!
Amy: It was a nice -
Lisa: Cheddar! Cheddar cheese! I said to him 'I'm not having anyone saying anything to me in cheddar! I'm going back to me mum's!' (BEAT.) Anyway, love, do you want serum on your hair?

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  1. Well, at least she was a Lisa. Not a Tracy or a Donna. Should she be allowed scissors, unsupervised?