Tuesday, 1 June 2010

That Mariella Frostrup Apology in Full

Dear Sirs (and one Madam)

I am most dreadfully sorry for calling you

- misogynists
- ecologists
- gynaecologists *

As a woman who deals primarily in words for a living, my choice of one in particular was

- careless
- car less
- couldn't care less *

It was an inflammatory choice, based on no

- factual evidence
- huge coincidence
- women in senior positions on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme*

Ceri Thomas, the editor of Today, and his manly team are obviously not

- demons
- lemons
- unreconstructed chauvinist pigs *

I love the Today programme and think that the presenters all do an excellent job; male and one token female.

Yours (in hope of a renewed contract)

Mariella X

* Delete as appropriate:


  1. I have no clue what you're talking about, Moptop but even so, I ticked the 'haha' box. I love what you do with words and hope I find myself on your bad side.

  2. Thank you as ever, Deborah!