Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Imaginary Beasts

I saw an angel in the pines at Formby.
It was a woman in a white mac
picking up dog muck.

I saw a sphinx by the lake in Sefton Park.
It was an old man frozen to his bench
by cheap cognac.

I saw a griffin pouncing in a tapas bar.
It was a fur coat rippling
from chair to floor.

I saw a vampire prowling by my bed.
It was a dry-cleaned dress swinging
on a closet door.

I saw a serpent in the Mersey by the Prom.
It was corrugated pipe oozing
at low tide.

I saw a zombie howling in the bathroom.
It was a fleeting mirrored image paled
by neon light.

I saw a roc swooping down to claw my neck.
It was orangewhite EasyJet roaring
off to Spain.

I saw a baby ghost lying dead in a puddle.
It was a discarded tissue flattened
by rain.

I saw a phoenix in the blue gas of an oven.
It was a crinklecut chip cremating
in dripped fat.

I saw your smile reflected in Littlewood's window.
But when I turned to kiss you, I found
I had imagined that.

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