Friday, 17 July 2009

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.

Wouldn't that sentiment just drive you wild? (Pun intended)

Well, mine enemies, here I am forgiving you.

The most horrid ex-husband of a chum (which implies she's several to choose from) - forgiven.

No, sorry, can't do Him. Maybe I need to practise on a few less horrid specimens first?

The twin sisters in Costcutter who never smiled.
I forgive you both.
Martin Bishop for saying in front of the whole class, "Moptop's reading The Hollow Hills? That's a description of her bra."
I forgive you.
The man who shouted at me when my father left me in a bunker at the 1st hole at Moortown Golf Club.
I forgive you.

You might notice I haven't many serious enemies. This is something I plan to address.

And I don't plan to forgive my friends' enemies. Vicarious enmity is ever so cheering. All the ire with none of the stress.

So Gollum, you're still in my Bad Books and Mister-Smug-Slug-Tory-Councillor-let's-encourage-reckless-driving-in-this-town-and-sabotage-the-placing-of-signs-in-order-to-score-a-political-point, I don't forgive you at all.

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