Saturday, 18 July 2009

Lusts of the Flesh #1

Man cannot live by cake alone, but can have jolly good fun trying.

Coffee cake, lemon drizzle, chocolate & banana cake, date & walnut tea bread, Bara Brith, chocolate fudge cake (served warm or cold), sticky gingerbread, parkin, Dutch apple cake, orange & almond polenta cake, Victoria sponge, Battenburg, French Fancies - O, sorry, drifting off the subject there. Back to cake. Raspberry and white chocolate cake, cupcakes, fairy cakes, butterfly cakes, blueberry muffins, Angel Food, Madeira, fruit cake, cherry cake, carrot cake...

I've only met one cake I didn't get on with. And why would anyone think it a good idea to put beetroot in a cake?

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