Monday, 20 July 2009

Joyful List #3

Unpredictable predictive text (I type coal and get anal which creates not a little confusion with the Coal Merchant), log fires, coal fires, most especially peat fires, things that melt (wax, cheese, chocolate), backscratches, French & Spanish potato crisps which leave your fingers irredeemably greasy, enormous bath towels, humbugs, the scent of jasmine on a summer's evening, Molesworth, William Brown, Jennings - ALL naughty school boys (fictional or otherwise) - fresh figs, row boats, kimonos, robins, the thrum of bumble bees in a lavender bush, cutting hair (so very joyful, though I've been banned from it due to over-eager snipping), Plymouth Gin, limes, bare feet.

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