Wednesday, 10 March 2010

How to Dump Your Apostrophe

I know the Pitstop belongs to Moptop and that therefore, as a sign of possession, my blog should be entitled Moptop's Pitstop.

However, in losing this one, single, not-all-that-significant apostrophe (and, on my honour, I promise not to lose any more), I have also lost an ampersand, hash, zero, thirty-nine, semi-colon which - you must admit - is a mouthful in anyone's language. (Note how I kept my promise there).

The language that insists on using ampersand, hash, zero, thirty-nine, semi-colon instead of a perfectly simple apostrophe is, I believe, called HTML and a lot of fuss and nonsense it is too. On other bloggers' blogs, it wrote my blog title as MOPTOP & # 0 3 9 ; s Pitstop (only a bit more squashed).

Now, I am not known for my tidy, fastidious nature but you must admit that inserting arbitrary symbols, numbers and a semi-colon is taking things too far. If HTML can manage a semi-colon, then why not an apostrophe? It's almost the same. In fact, an apostrophe's even less bother as it doesn't have a dot.

I expect that if I had a semi-colon in my blog title - for example, Moptop; a mop with a top - or even a colon - Moptop: a mop with a top - HTML would have to further complicate matters by writing ampersand, hash, squiggly line, bracket, bracket, zero, ten, sixty-six (and all that), apostrophe - just to be awkward.

So, having clarified the situation, you can see the loss of this one apostrophe (a measly one at that) will not lead to the collapse of civilisation, the Internet or life as we know it. Though Lynne Truss might get a bit miffed.


  1. But\ it*s the crux of the biscuit:

  2. No doubt, Lane, but in HTML your ELEGANT comment becomes:

    But it & # 0 39 ; s the crux of the biscuit

    which is not in the LEAST bit elegant.

  3. Do like the French and forget about it altogether. Pitstop de Moptop??

  4. Ooh, I like that idea, Deborah!

  5. It's not the end of the world and it didn't stop me from landing here on a regular basis. Until HTML plays ball, stand your ground!