Monday, 22 March 2010

Joyful List #6

The mrs joyful prize for raffia work *, dinner parties, drunken doctors, dessert wine, quince blossom, ice cubes, vests, gin, Bakelite telephones (adds gravitas to every conversation), shouting lessons, oysters, grilled squid, cafe bars, loofahs, plump cheeks, second-hand bookshops, Illy Dark Roast, steamed milk, big mugs, boots, narcissi, debate, silence, bottlebanks, toast, The Sullenness of Youth, bad influences, passing fancies, glace cherries.

EDIT: Some OIK is masquerading as my hero, Nigel Molesworth, on Twitter. It is reported here in The Telegraph. I suddenly feel much less joyful. Chiz, chiz.

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