Monday, 15 March 2010

Overheard Conversation #12

Location: Post Office Counter
Characters: Female Customer (limping and carrying a parcel and a shoe). Behind the counter, a Young Chit of a Girl, with dyed black hair and nose-stud.

Woman (PLACING BROWN PAPER PARCEL ON SCALES): I'd like to send this first class, please.
Chit (POINTING AT PARCEL): What's that say?
Woman: Near Keighley, West Yorkshire.
Chit: Airmail, then?
Woman: Airmail?
Chit: If it goes by boat it'll take longer.
Woman: Boat?
Chit: I'd pay the extra for airmail, if I was you.
Woman: First Class will do, thanks.
Chit: But it's going Abroad.
Woman: No, it's going to Yorkshire.
Chit: Isn't that Abroad?
Woman: No. It isn't.
Chit: It's in Ireland.
Woman: No, it really isn't.
Chit: You sure?
Woman: Yes. I'm sure.
Chit: It's in England?
Woman: Yes, it's in England.
Chit: Oh. That'll be £2.49, then.


  1. Too close to The Truth. Twice, TWICE I have had this conversation at my post office.
    Me: This one's going to Ireland.
    Postclerk: Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland.
    Me: Ireland, Ireland. Northern Ireland is UK. Ireland is another country.
    Postclerk (sighs): So it's going to Southern Ireland?
    Me: There's no such place.

    Well, there isn't.

  2. I just grateful it didn't say WEST Yorkshire on the parcel or they'd still be debating the merits of airmail.

  3. Isn't that sexist or something-ist. I thought only grumpy old folk like my long-dead mother talked about chits of girls. It seems highly and intentionally offensive. What? Oh right then...

  4. It might be chittist, I suppose ...

  5. At least you had a conversation (of sorts) with the 'Chit'. The counter staff at our post office always look so miserable. To put it another way, when any of them suck a lemon, the lemon pulls a face!

  6. That's funny. Does anyone get training these days to do jobs like this?

  7. @ Martin - I shall form a campaign to reclaim (ooh, inadvertant rhyme!) the word CHIT. I would be OVERJOYED to be considered a mere CHIT of a girl, instead of that (and I quote) HULKING GREAT LUMP.

    @ Fran - yes, they all have A* in Geography and Public Relations. AND they know which way up to stick the stamp (so all the blood doesn't rush to Queen Brenda's head.)

  8. I think the blood has definitely rushed to my head, after treating myself to reading a selection of your blog posts...keep up the good work!