Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sofa, so good

I am saving up.

I am saving up like billy-oh.

I am saving up because a new shop has opened. I noticed it yesterday as I was completing my paper-round. It sells sofas. Not any old sofas. According to the legend above the shop, it sells Cavalier Sofas.

You can see why I am counting all my pennies and putting them into a jar. How much joy could a cavalier sofa bring to ones day-to-day existence? Even the prospect of a cavalier sofa is bringing me joy. Just the name of the cavalier sofa is bringing me joy. Sitting on a cavalier sofa is bound to be an adventure. An adventure filled with joy.

Think of all the things you could do on a cavalier sofa ...

The shop also sells cavalier carpets, but I suspect they may verge on life-threatening. In my experience, you need a carpet* to be dependable, not cavalier.

* Though think of all the dangerous things you could do on a cavalier carpet ...


  1. Can't cavalier also refer to a type of spaniel? How do you know these sofas are not covered in dog skin or made of their soft floppy ears?

  2. I had considered this, Fran.

    Cavalier Spaniels are very silly dogs. This might be because they can suffer from Syringomyelia, a malformation of the skull that reduces the space available for the brain. (And I have an enormous head. It's awfully difficult finding hats that fit.)

    As owners are alleged to resemble their pets, I could not possibly purchase a Cavalier Spaniel.(For the reason given above.)

    No, I would have to buy a Lurcher.

    A Lurcher Sofa doesn't sound much fun, does it?

  3. Your picture reminds me of "Hals"-ian days in the Wallace Collection. Pre-Gromit days.

    I'm reminded too of a former boss who drove a cavalier which was appropriate to his driving style.

  4. Anonymous (though I could make an educated stab at your identity!) - did your former boss also have extravagant moustaches that he twirled, erm, cavalierly?

  5. No, but he did get arrested in a police raid. The third of my former bosses to end up in prison, the first for embezzlement, the second for drugs dealing.

  6. Where was this when I could have used it most? As a horse-crazy ten-year-old I regularly saddled up the back of my grandmother's easy chair to lope laconically through sagebrush and tumbleweed.
    I presume the Cavalier Sofa comes with options for Western or English?

  7. Anonymous - inbetween your other activities, I suspect you sit on a black leather chair in a mysterious underwater bunker, on a remote tropical island, stroking a long-haired white Persian cat.

    Deborah - I have no idea what a Cavalier Sofa looks like. I just know that I want one!

  8. I always think of 'cavalier' as a type of behaviour. A cavalier sofa would be reckless with your dropped pound coins, go out drinking and smoking all night and turn up threadbare, covered with crumbs and unpleasant stains at comepletely the wrong moment.

  9. I know you are going to write a poem about it, BB. I can tell.