Wednesday, 28 April 2010

That Prime Ministerial Apology in Full


Mrs Duffy / Mick Clogg /Rabid Cameroon *

I am most dreadfully sorry for calling you a

Bigot / Spigot / Lester Piggott.*

In my defence, I was only trying to be helpful to the

TV Producers / Electorate Seducers / Democratic Traducers*

Of course, what I meant to say was

Harlot / Zealot / Halibut *

It's been a long campaign and the idiot fixer - Kayleigh, an intern on a gap year - shouldn't have let me loose on the Public in the first place. When Kayleigh eventually climbs down from the roof of Party HQ, she will apologise to you herself.

Yours Sincerely / Merely / Hardly*


* Delete as appropriate


  1. I noticed that the Sky News reporter was more insistent and excited than usual when putting his questions to Gillian Duffy. Then I thought, Murdoch and Sky, Murdoch and The Sun (currently supporting the Tory campaign). Hmmm......

    Is someone operating Gordon with their foot? Does anyone have Alistair Campbell's phone number?

  2. OK ok I confess I haven't done any of my required reading and still don't know anything about Your Election. But as I have said before (and like most people I never mind when I repeat myself) you are so clever with this, that I can just appreciate the cleverness without knowing anything about the rest.

    And I did. Really appreciate the cleverness.

  3. Your 'political birdfeed' label cracked me up as much as the post! Poor Gordon. I'm always one for the underdog. I almost feel like voting for him now. Duffygate will never, ever leave him.

  4. They shouldn't have let him open his mouth til he'd had a full body scan. Sky probably had the car bugged anyway. Poor Gordon - vote for him Fran please!

  5. InvisibleWoman and Martin are right - never get into bed with Rupert. And, as Deborah points out, people like repeating themselves so I'll direct you again to an excellent article by Johann Hari

  6. Fran - I caught the soundbite again on the radio as I was coming home from an event. O, it is painful to listen to.

  7. I like him better for this. She wasn't exactly Mother Teresa. Although I was disappointed he didn't launch into a Malcolm Tucker-esque expletive-fest. He could have said A LOT worse and still been right!

  8. I wish he'd had the courage of his convictions.

    And, of course, all those making Political Capital out of it (step forward Mr. GEORGE OSBORNE) have never held diverse public and private opinions, have they?

  9. Is this the same George Osborne, regarded as an 'Oik' by fellow members of the anachronistic Bullingdon Club, because he attended public school in Holland Park? Wot, no Eton?